Three (or Two, or Four…) a Day




The idea isn’t earth-shattering –  just to post three portraits of girls each day: with or without a theme. If I find two wonderful images that don’t have a logical third component, then I’ll just publish two – likewise if I have four that would suffer from being published separately.

These are portraits of the Belgian child model Thémis Pauwels: here’s her blog: Monbopetitmonde.

…..while this is an image link to her mother’s Facebook account, which has a lot of other shots of Thémis. The repost is by a friend, but her mother is Ganaëlle Glume, who is an excellent professional photographer, and the author of the first two images:

…..and finally a Facebook image link to the photographer of the last shot, Tom Museeuw, who tends just to use the “Fotofolio Fotografie” name:

By the way, I don’t count image links as part of the daily portraits: there may well not be any for some images, and obviously their quality or attractiveness could differ wildly from what I’m trying to achieve.


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