Tutu du Monde Onesies





These are really meant to be part of a fairy/princess/ballerina play environment, not for amateur or professional dancing: and in fact the makers, Australian children’s clothing company Tutu du Monde, often have onesies with added tutu- and petti-skirts. I’m not sure if these are one-pieces or shorts-with-tops, but the basic original distinction between a onesie and a leotard, apart from the sleeves, was that a leotard had to be entered by the neck, not having crotch openings.

I’m sure to return to Tutu du Monde, since the best girls’ portraiture includes fashion photography as much as professional studio work, and even amateur. The company has made a point of hiring exceptional photographers to promote their product, along with some beautiful models, including fellow-Australian Meika Woollard.

……and, of course, immediately four images and not three!

Here’s an image link to the company’s Facebook photostream:


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