Girls and Cats

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Sharp-eyed visitors will have noticed the new “Girls and Cats” gallery in the side thingy, and to give it some visibility, here are my three selections to represent it.

The first is by a great: Anna Ajtner, the Polish child photographer. The model is – who else? – her daughter Sandra: she pretty well only works with her (sometimes a couple of her friends). You do wonder what Anna will do when Sandra finishes growing up: stop taking photos, or maybe wait for a granddaughter…

Here she is in an image link to Anna’s Facebook photostream –  luckily Sandra follows the inflexible rule that child photographers’ daughters are incredibly photogenic:


The second is a poor relation by comparison: I’ve even found it on wallpaper sites with obviously no acknowledgement –  so I think it’s joined the jetsam of images that float aimlessly along in the great cyber-sea, adrift from its owner. You get the impression that the girl has the typical photographic cliché behind her: fake wings –  so it could be part of a themed set. It’s a well posed, composed and focused shot, and the model looks pretty enough to be professional: I’m sure it has an interesting origin….

The last has at least a solid attribution: a Flickr member called Rebecca Mahoney, and features her and her cat Henry. Rebecca is more young woman than girl, but the shot exudes youth and pet love. As one of her commenters says: adorbs.

Here’s the link:



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