Miniature Pony Love

My son just did his last horse riding/painting/messing about in the river morning today as the lady running the camp takes her own break. He’ll miss it – having palled up with a little girl who’s just 9: but bosses him around! There the horses are full-sized, but these are sweet: you almost feel you could take one home…. Amelia is a perfect photographer of children: technically gifted, and with all the empathy needed to produce relaxed, characterful shots.

[I don’t know if this is awfully bad in terms of reblogging ethics: but I remembered that the Tumblr blog that took me to this post on Amelia’s site, in fact had an image she had left out. Hoping that this addition doesn’t end up in her “Comments” section, here it is – it’s really too sweet to leave languishing….:]


Amelia Hambrook Photo

and Mabo Kids IMG_0143web.jpgIMG_0199.jpgIMG_0112.jpgIMG_0089.jpgIMG_0094.jpg

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