Loucka by Tom Museeuw (Fotofolio.be)


11754938_1034380676574998_3122888825631525827_o (1)


This brings my total of Belgian photographers to three in relatively few posts – Ganaëlle Glume, Nathalie Martens, and now Tom Museeuw. You may notice that the first image I’m also using as my Gravatar: not to make people think I’m a supremely pretty girl, but to give a recognisable graphic identity to the blog. The model’s name is Loucka, and I really want to make it perfectly plain here that the copyright is all Tom Museeuw’s, and the limpid beauty all Loucka’s.

I chose her because she has the quality that Italians call “acqua e sapone”: literally without makeup, but taken to mean “with natural beauty”.  Here she is on Tom’s Facebook phototream:


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