The Fanning Sisters: Hannah and Mary…

They were actually registered at birth as Hannah Dakota (1994) and Mary Elle (1998) in Conyers, Georgia.

I really don’t want to go into their movie careers: but I’ve been aware for some time how many of their portraits and images in general get reposted (they both work as models as well as actresses), and then I came across these really beautiful portraits of Elle that I hadn’t seen before:



…..they almost have a Loretta Lux quality – a slightly disturbing hyper-reality and disquieting sense of suppressed  emotion. They only run to a couple of Google image-search pages, a number of the sites carrying them being also in Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese and Chinese – so I don’t have an origin.

Their most charming images are from when they were very young, clearly delighting in having a sister to fool around with. One session featured balls of wool:








….and another one had them romping on the bed again, before calming down:




….the last one probably being most people’s favourite….

As I said, they have a number of iconic “pretty girl” portraits that often get reposted, even when the reposter doesn’t know it’s a Fanning:




Elle Fanning


….even one of Dakota by Annie Leibowitz:


….and naturally a controversy – when Dakota (aged seventeen) did a perfume ad for Marc Jacobs in 2011:


The strange thing is that tho’ it was criticised (obviously) for “sexualising” the model (is there a perfume ad that doesn’t rely on an erotic association: perfume has always been used for sexual attraction) and the British Standards Authority said that they “considered the ad could be seen to sexualise a child” – nobody seemed to get the fact that the perfume was specifically called “Oh, Lola!” (Humbert Humbert’s pet name for Lolita being Lola), and that Marc Jacobs said that he had chosen Dakota because “she could be a contemporary Lolita”. Also the bottle was said to be “phallic” in its shape, and the flower-like top represented the popular name for the vagina (people still having problems differentiating between the vagina and the vulva) – to me it looks far more like a vibrator, if you are desperate for possible sexual uses for a perfume bottle: but more importantly she’s seventeen: and looks about twenty-five in the not-very-flattering photo. She’s long past puberty, is probably onto her third-fourth boyfriend and has a number of vibrators in her bed-side cabinet. Please…stop trying to control other people’s sexuality….

I’ll end with a small gallery:


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