Kanashii-Hito: On the Window


Kanashii-Hito is apparently a 21-year old girl from the Ukraine – her penchant for anime probably being the source of her DeviantArt moniker. Replying to comments she says that most of her photographs are of/from the Ukraine, and in fact the majority are landscape/cityscape/animals – out of eleven gallery pages she can only fill up two with shots of people. This one is lovely, very calm and poised – not great technically, but for a lot of photographers catching the fleeting moment is more important than perfect light and focus. The girl’s pose is reminiscent of traditional Japanese posture when sitting, but that could just be coincidence. She has two other portraits of a girl in her galleries that I like:



….and these are called “Dream” and “Dream 2”. As these seem to be more posed, they’re better technically: the beautiful blue of the model’s eyes being the focus of the shots.

Trying to get more information about the photographer seems impossible: her link to Facebook doesn’t work, and the one to Vk.com is private (tho’ it does give the name of “Sasha Tramvaeva” – and following this name leads you to believe she’s from Odessa on the Black Sea, and also uses the nick “Little Tram”). Personally I wish she’d do more portraits: these three are a great start…



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