Model Test: Margo Kudryavtseva and Yulia Rubtsova


While appreciating this sweet portrait of the eleven-year-old Russian child model Margo (Margarita) Kudryavtseva by Italian photographer Anthony Favazza (whom I’ll come back to in a later post), I was trawling her Fashion Kids portfolio – to see if she had anything as cute – when I happened upon these:




….by fellow Russian Yulia (Julia) Rubtsova: and they’re captioned “Model Tests”: which are clearly a bit different from the “Snapshots” that Fashion Kids often make their models undergo – a sort of kick-the-tyres set of the girl in the most simple front, back and sides poses standing very straight with their hands by their sides. In fact Yulia has also done a couple of cursory ones for Margo – dressed the same as for the ones above, with the addition of trousers:

…she was lucky, she could have had the relative ignominy of potential fashion house, model agency or photographer clients seeing her from the back in a leotard, with two hairstyles to choose from, as with Beata:

…and I must say her bottom looks red with embarrassment……at least Xenia Ramenskaya got to wear a skirt:

It basically goes to show that Fashion Kids is a serious business: they list contact phone numbers (usually the girl’s mother), the name of their agency where appropriate, as well as listing the photographer and MUAH artist for every shot. These professionals have their own profiles on the site, and everything is updated regularly – if it means being treated sometimes like a commodity to be appraised, then they have to accept that’s the business they’re in: and there’s plenty of competition….


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