Zuzanna Tarnacki: The Summer Girls (Martelli Photography)


Zuzanna is an amazingly beautiful girl, with that mixture of prettiness and character that makes a model a Kate Moss, and not an also-ran. There aren’t many who are also classified as child models – for me they include Lilly Kruk, Ivy Basinger, Julia Mayer, Meika Woollard, Kaegan Baron, Thémis Pauwels, and a few of the Russians.

This portrait comes from a session Martelli Photography (i.e. Brett Martelli) did for Babiekins Magazine back in July 2014, under the Steel Pier at Atlantic City, called “The Summer Girls” – but for some reason (Brett or the editors’ psychiatrists are probably still probing) it didn’t make the final cut. The set as published is still gorgeous, but this is such a stand-out….

I’ll put a shot of Zuzanna with her BFF Hope Springer (both New Yorkers with the same agency) as the Facebook link:

….the second one of Zuzanna doesn’t reverse-search, so I’m just hoping it’s not by Lee Clower (one of her historic photographers) who once (rightly) castigated me – politely – for mixing up his shots of Zuzanna with those of Gina Kim. Here goes nothing:


…and at this point I’ll be asinine and express the regret that Botticelli and Da Vinci never saw her…..

[Phew! Found it with the Martelli watermark: I’ll add it, and then try to find out what session it comes from:]



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