Carmen Ordóñez: Belén in “Holidays Dreaming” for MilK Magazine







There’s a lot going on in these few images from the MilK Magazine blog: apart from photographer Carmen Ordóñez, there’s some great work by the MUAH, Carminia Albornoz, and not forgetting the charismatic little model, Belén (looking pretty with your tongue sticking out can’t be easy!). The tweaking Carmen did to the images really works: there’s a strong visual identity to the set, and (although it won’t please the fashion houses) you barely notice the different outfits and accessories. (The nude Barbies left on the floor in the fourth image show that Carmen and her stylist, Isabel Elunku, don’t mind tweaking the script a little, as well.) This is Google Translate’s version of the French text:

“Diving head first into a bowl of bubble gum, sipping a milkshake, is spread with whipped cream and her Lolita rose water … This is the perfect holiday!”

It’s another good example of how online sites and blogs have fostered imaginative photography in the kids’ fashion field: Babiekins and Smudgetikka are other examples. The problem has always been that they don’t pay: the professionals producing the visuals have to look at them as promotional work, and hope it spreads their names around…




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