Kylie Southwood Photography











Kylie Southwood is a Melbourne based children’s photographer, sticking to fashion, ad campaigns and what she calls “teen mentoring” –  which seems to mean that the girls are pretty well adult, and can start to adopt “glamour” poses and more revealing outfits under Kylie’s watchful eye. She wouldn’t be a Melbourne snapper without some shots of the wonderful Meika, tho’ while hers are nice, they aren’t the classics Meika’s done with Alexandrena Parker and Tutu du Monde.

The image with the blonde model in the flowery headdress, white lace top, shorts and ruffled ankle-socks (standing on a chair in front of an enormous flowery backdrop) seems to be her most reposted photo – and the pure white is just enough to make the girl stand out beautifully in front of such a busy set. All her work being commercial means that there are few adventurous experiments: but the few there are (like the dark penultimate image in the main set) are really impressive. I wish she’d open a Flickr account and do some stuff just for herself….


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