Wendy Hull: August 30th 2010 (on Flickr.com)







5021398493_758ff04b00_o (4)


5004720591_5cc1e0af10_o (2)


Wendy Hull’s Flickr photostream consists of just one page, with all the images coming from a few short months in 2010 – probably shot in Easton, Pennsylvania. About half consist of this one session with her (unnamed) daughter –  possibly two sessions on the same day, August 30th, since she changes her top. I could probably make up another post with some of the sweet images that are different from these: but as they are, they’re perfect. She’s a lovely girl, with a calm, open demeanour – and the simple white tops and denim skirt make her seem even more uncomplicated and unsophisticated than she probably really was (one is captioned “Growing up is hard to do”). She’s lucky she has a young, pretty Mom to open her heart to (the two with her mother are captioned “Mommy and me” and “Mommy knows best”) – and it was only six years ago: I hope they’re still close…

It was a very short period of Flickr activity, and a link to a “Wendy Hull Photography” site is broken, so who knows what happened to her photography dreams: these are a great memory of how good she was when the subject was the closest thing to her heart…

Resting Spot


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