Sveta Makova?

[Well, this turns out to be a eulogy for the great Tumblr blog “Very Pretty Models”: it was one of the best on the platform that had managed to continue a bizarre activity: posting images of a group that makes up 13% of humanity – girls. The images were rigorously from fashion, editorial and legitimate studio sources: but the rigour displayed wasn’t important in the end, not even the content – just the demographic. I started the post this morning, being a little quizzical as to whether this image (posted recently on the blog):


….was actually of “Sveta Makova”, as stated. (The image had in fact been reposted from “Flyinskies”: another fallen soldier, so quite probably the attribution was also second-hand.) By this evening, when I got back to the post, there was a happy message that the image in question (that I’d linked to, so it included the caption) had ceased to exist (logically like the blogger…) but there were plenty more to choose from…. I’ll carry on with my original text.]

This is really just an excuse to do a post on one of my favourite class of girl child models: the FKids also-rans. My minor quibble is whether this is in fact Sveta Makova: a classic of the type who has a couple of often-reposted images, and nothing else. These are hers:


…which is usually cropped to:


…and sometimes this, from the same set:


Googling her generally takes you to her Fashion profile page, that tells you she’s eleven, and her modelling experience is “small”. From there you can go to her two-page blog, which has some cute-ish images, but maintains the idea that she hasn’t produced much. However, her real blog with hundreds of images is on, where she has a whopping 43 albums. There are more from the “steps” session:








….which are really as pretty as the two that are commonly posted –  and reveal how much eye make-up the girls had been daubed with (and how, for some obscure reason, she changed her top and skirt) –  and some more sessions that it’s a pity have been obscured – first one loosely associated with tennis:

…followed by a couple of similar shots also in white:

…on a swing:

….and roller-blading:

This “angel” has had some visibility online:


…and there are a couple of others that deserve to be seen in full format – then I’ll put the rest in a gallery:







…as you can see, the images/sets jump wildly from style to style, photographer to photographer: some are clearly fashion-based, some studio-photographic, and some even amateur. She hasn’t got the physical presence or charisma to be at the highest level, and even her body type leaves a lot to be desired – she’s the scrawny type of girl I’d recommend as one of the “Artful Dodger”‘s gang members in a hypothetical remake of the musical “Oliver!”….but then you see this:


…OK, it’s been tweaked until the pips squeak – but the girl it’s based on is Sveta: maybe “Very Pretty Models”/”Flyinskies” were right….maybe their initial image really is that scrawny little girl from Moscow…


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