Ashlin in the Frontyard with a Stick in Her Hand Pointing…. by Mediocre-Matt/Mat Caplin


This has turned into something of a lost-person hunt: if you reverse-search the image you get a hit for a Flickr image:


…which you then realise is by a guy who reposts other photographers’ work – but it does give the name “mediocre.matt” and a reference to “deviant”. Then searching the name on DeviantArt gets you to a discontinued gallery by various photographers called “PortraitsClub” – featuring one lovely image by “Mediocre-Matt”:


….called “Clarity” –  but not the one you’re looking for…  Going back to my original search, I came across a VisualizeUs post that gives the title, a link to a defunct Tumblr blog (picture of a girl! Defunct? How strange…..) and adds “via Mat Caplin Picture”. Keeping on going (if you’re still with me…) takes us to yet another Flickr account by someone called “Mexico Rosel” – where the picture is blocked owing to “Adult Content (!!!)”  – I try the account’s photostream: there are no images on it…

Finally going back to DeviantArt it became pretty clear that the guy had cleared his account and galleries: with laments in comments asking “Where have all the pictures gone?”…..  Yup, so far it’s a kind-of-dead-end:  except his name comes up attached to other images:





….and if these are all his, he’s a pretty talented photographer…

Part of my interest was because I’d come across a “deviation” of the “Ashlin” photograph – really the raison d’etre of DeviantArt – collaboration between artists:


…except it’s by an Indian artist from Bangalore, called Chandresh, and he’s on Facebook:

It’s entitled “Enough!!!” – I hope it’s a reference to the amount of child (and women) rape there is in India – not that a lot of other parts of the world are immune – Chandresh comes across as a really good guy, so it’s quite possible….


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