Toe-less Socks: For Some It’s Fashion – For Others, Necessity…


This first image comes from the Bellini Portraits site, the photographer being Stephanie Piscitelli – based in Bridgewater, Mass. but catering to the whole Boston kids photography market. Why the girl is wearing toeless socks is anyone’s guess: I reckon they could just be leggings pulled down….anyway, it’s a gorgeous portrait – where for once I don’t regret the hat…

The next portrait is this, taken in 1941 in the States, by H E Zimmerman:


…thanks for the attribution going again to the Spaarnestad Photo Archive. She is a girl either born without arms, or who lost them through disease or accident – but apparently learned to play the guitar with her toes. The two pairs of toeless socks (in the very different images) are in fact strangely similar: and as so often with girls about the same age, you feel they’d be friends if time travel was possible…


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