Lilly’s Lips…


In a recent post I listed the girl child models that I think have that je ne sais quoi that sets them apart from their peers – it was off the cuff, and I’m sure there were some I forgot – and Lilly (Lilianna Kruk, b. 10/12/05), was first on the list. This isn’t a massive, gallery-splurge post featuring every last photo of her – there are so many you could happily devote a blog to her alone – just a request that you actually look at her features: starting with those eyes, skin and freckles….


…it’s an amazing combination: any person would love to have that eye-colour, those eyelashes, that incredible pale skin, those freckles – but altogether? And her mother is an incredibly talented child portrait/kids fashion photographer? I don’t believe in luck, but serendipity…..

Anyway, I entitled the post “Lilly’s Lips” for a reason – this is the reason:


Her bottom lip seems to be naturally what botox is trying to achieve unnaturally: but I’m wondering if the gel that seems to be on it is to actually relieve a swelling or soreness, not for cosmetic purposes.

Since her birthday isn’t until October, she is still amazingly just ten years old, but her mother’s been snapping her for years, so she does seem older:

…tho’ personally my favourites are from when she didn’t seem forced to make every shot a chance to out-smoulder the previous one…

…yup, that’s ten years old….well in fact nearer nine….. Here she is in high-heels that actually seem to fit (with friend and fellow-model Kristin Marcos):


I’ll continue to wallow in nostalgia:




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