Valeria Yaroshenko: Juliana Yablonskaya Flower Girl Dress











There are at least two sessions here: the first two images feature the painted wooden board floor and the dress without the lace hem trim, while the rest have a very similar (but different in the details) dress and seemingly a different studio set/sets. Not that it matters: visually they have a beautifully unified atmosphere that it would be a shame to separate – and there are a number of other sessions where Valeria wears the same type of dress. The Juliana Yablonskaya tip comes via Valeria Yaroshenko‘s profile page: but as often is the case it was necessary to hunt down her mother’s galleries in order to find the vast majority of her extant images online. It’s significant that her mother runs the account, even tho’ it’s completely made up of professional sets featuring her daughter –  the result is very different from Sveta Makova whom I posted on a few days ago: the artistic control is much stronger, and there’s no drift into “model set” type images as there was with Sveta.

Juliana has her own site, but it’s full of wedding dresses – I can’t find any sessions devoted to flower girls. FKids lists the photographers as “LK-Photo” –  but no link: and there are photographic agencies with that name all over the world…  So that’s it for attributions. In the next few weeks I’ll try to add some other work by Valeria, but if you click on the link in the text, they’re all there….


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