Alex: “Nightshirt” by Natalya Smirnova










Uniting these images under the common title “Nightshirt” is just my choice – trying to give some sense of order to a large portfolio that is spread over Flickr,  Natalya’s site,, and even I’ve arbitrarily put the images of her daughter Alex wearing a similar white night shirt in this one gallery – but they probably come from a number of different sessions. Oh, and I forgot Facebook:

There are a number of other “groupings” to come: the next will probably include the ones she’s best known for – with Alex and a wonderful hairless cat, probably a Donskoy. Natalya is thirty-six, comes from Rostov but lives in Moscow, is married and has a younger son as well as Alex. She seems to be rather religious and anti-communist – and very fond of tweaking her images if at all possible…


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