Too Cute…. Anna Pavaga


…..I think this is the closest I’ll get to a post featuring Russian super-tot Anna Pavaga. I’m sure if you’re her family or friends, she’s the sweetest little thing ever – but as a model (fashion or studio) she just looks too much like an anime-version of a real girl to get any more complicated reaction than: cuuuute!!!! Anyway that’s why I’m starting off with her best side…where you can’t see the goo-goo eyes…

She actually is good at dance/gymnastics, like any Russian model – the agencies insist on it:


…..and in b/w she at least looks a little more dramatic:




I’m being harsh, and not really fair to a little girl who probably works a damn sight harder than I do: look at her Instagram feed by clicking on the link below – she really does live an incredibly full life….and as the Pinterest pin at the bottom categorises her: she’s still not much more than a “baby”.


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