Pepper by Bonnie: From Her Head to Her Toes….












This is a terribly cute six-year-old Dutch girl called Pepper, and she’s been mercilessly snapped by her mother Bonnie on Instagram. Bonnie is a  young, web- and fashion-savvy mother – this is from a brief interview she gave to to introduce herself as a new contributor:

“My name is Bonnie, 36 (ssst.. don’t tell) years old and I live in a town in the south of The Netherlands..

I work for several companies as a freelance graphic designer on a weekly basis. Every Tuesday I work there and the rest of the week I work from home. About once a week I work an evening at my boyfriend’s place. He owns an Italian restaurant/wine bar…

Together with my man (not married though) I have a sweet, sparkling little girl named Pepper. She just turned 5 end of April [published 1/06/15]. She really really is my everything…..

I always wanted to work for a magazine as a designer. This (till this day) never happened but fashion has never left my system. I have to say that since I’ve had Pepper most of my shopping time is spent on items for her. Not that I look like a garbage bag myself but for Pepper I really can search and search and search until I find what I am looking for. No matter where in the world. If I want something, I will find it. I even get a little cranky when I don’t have any orders running somewhere. And I am the first one to admit it’s a true addiction.” (

The Instagram feed is really where she tries out her mix’n’match kids fashion skills on Pepper: and demonstrates some excellent camera-work as well. It’s very Dutch: strong geometric shapes, bold colours and a lot of graphics/text on the clothes. As with some other recent portfolios I’m having problems selecting just a few stand-outs, so I’m resorting to a number of thematic posts in order to give each image a chance to be seen outside of a confusingly large gallery: above you have Pepper sporting a number of rabbit-masks/hats – next is the “toes” part: every shot that has a pair of socks:








____________________________________________________________________________________________________pantlessgirlbypepperpicstumblr_noo01yqu331uvkn36o1_1280 (1)





…and don’t the Dutch like socks – I reckon it’s because they are statistically the world’s tallest nation  (1.699m average for women): they’ve got a lot of leg to do things with… These are from two very typical Dutch brands for girls’ casual clothing – first Mim-pi:


…and next Ninni Vi:

…very similar in concept – and can’t you see Pepper wearing these styles? Give her a few years and she’ll be  one of the classic long-legged Dutch models that seem to be taking over – for example Alice Fidler:


740full-alice-fidler (3)

740full-alice-fidler (1)

740full-alice-fidler (5)

….I’d love to know the length of one of her thigh-bones….

(And I’ll be coming back with more cute shots from Pepper’s Instagram photostream…)


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