Malia by Madame Li/Garance Li, Lisa Gachet and Camille Grosperrin (via



I’m getting a lot of inspiration from the post with the little Dutch model Pepper from a couple of days ago: her rabbit mask/hat put this lovely (and strange) photographic set in mind. It’s a collaboration between three French female artists: the photographer Madame Li/Garance Li, the designer Lisa Gachet and the graphic designer/illustrator Camille Grosperrin. It has touches of “Alice”, a feeling of isolation in a metropolis, and a few other elements too. The model seems to be called Malia – at least that’s the caption to the images on a post featuring Lisa Gachet:



[I must add Tiffany Beveridge’s “arty”-deflating contribution – guess who “First Rabbit” would have been….:]

….below is an image link to the Flickr set (with a few I omitted), and I’ll reblog a tribute to the graphic artist Camille Grosperrin as the next post.

Le désespoir du lapin blanc


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