Johanna: “Ange ou Démon 1-5” by Madame Li/Garance Li






Apart from yesterday’s post, Madame Li/Garance Li doesn’t have many images relevant to this blog, a lot being landscape/adult model/fish obsession(!!)/student work. I’ve seen it said that she’s young, and from Facebook it seems she works a lot with school/college age students. There is this set that has a more classic approach to portraiture – it features her cousin Johanna, and it’s an interesting series to be called “Angel or Demon 1-5” – she actually sees it as a part failure:

“I wanted a somewhat strange detail, more pronounced, a little disturbing, a woman’s mouth on a child’s face, but it is true that it can be seen as a failure, and it weighed a little detail the gentle strokes.” (Comment to the first in the series on Flickr, translation Google Translate)

I presume she means that the lipstick was meant to be more pronounced and at odds with the model’s age: it probably would have been better in colour if this was her aim… but it’s still a strong set that gives a great sense of character.


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