Nanos: Communion and Ceremonial Dresses for Summer 2014


I chose this since it’s such a good example of the time (and money) that the best Spanish brands give their photographers and stylists in order to present their products as attractively as possible. Nanos is a classic company in this regard: they’ve cottoned on to the Pinterest era’s desire to see the outfits presented in a cute/pretty/pinnable image – and shots like this are the result. One negative is very often a lack of photographic attribution – something the French, Dutch and Americans are better at  – but it’s a small quibble if they continue to give work to artists such as the one(s) that shot this…

They still do more “traditional” catalogue-type pictures, but even these are relatively informal and perfectly pinnable (these are from the same collection):

…I could fill ten posts with lovely portraits of pretty models in exquisite outfits from the Nanos Facebook photostream: the style of presentation is probably my favourite: not over-dessed and over-made up like the Russians, nor too quirky and odd-ball like the Americans: Spanish fashion sets tend to be imaginative, but still let you see the outfit clearly…..


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