Sisterly Love (Joelle W on


The really great thing about this is that it wasn’t set up – here’s Joelle W’s description of events:

“During a recent school performance, during intermission, these two sisters went to go get a drink of water. The older one promptly got on the ground so the other could use her as a step stool. So adorable!

Camille  Sauvager:
This isn’t posed? Lordy, it’s precious.

Not posed! They went back to their dad, and realized that everyone found it adorable…so they re-enacted it a few times, but it was all them on the first time ’round! 🙂

So cute, right? 🙂 ”

She professes to be quite a novice at photography (she’s a single elementary teacher), without even Photoshop, so the clarity of this is exceptional. Hope she never regrets getting perfection first time round….

Sisterly Love (BW)


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