Yvonne and Fay Le Sueur: RNA Show, Brisbane 1946 (via Flickr.com)


1946 seems a little late for what are often called ringlets – but for me these equate with Mary Pickford’s sausage curls. This has got a beautifully complete attribution – except for the actual newspaper/local photographer who immortalised these pretty girls in their matching dresses. The photograph is from the State Library of Queensland’s archives:

“Young visitors enjoying a special treat at the Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition, known locally as the Ekka, on Saturday 10 August 1946….

We were excited to see that these two little girls were located by the Courier Mail newspaper and featured last week in a story about this year’s Ekka. Their names – Yvonne Donald (nee Le Sueur) and Fay Stubbs (nee Le Sueur). They were aged 6 and 8 when the photo was taken. Yvonne noted in the article that it was their first time at the show and that their mother had made their matching dresses.” (Flickr.com)

Two young girls enjoying themselves at the RNA Show, Brisbane, 1946


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