Brielle “Let’s Get Close” (Alice Costume) by Kara May Photography




WEB-Alice-in-Wonderland-a (1)


Brielle represents the first time I realised that lady photographers (men are in the minority here) have, almost routinely, photogenic daughters. There are a couple more posts that I can do featuring this child in her mother’s portraits – but for now I’ll stick with this discrete set. They were taken ostensibly for a photographic group’s 26-week project: the week’s theme being “Let’s Get Close“: I’m saying “ostensibly” since the image file mentions “Alice in Wonderland” – which doesn’t have much to do with the stated subject of the set being Brielle “getting close” as she searches for costumes to put on the family’s dog…. I’m sure I remember some more shots where she wears the costume in the garden….I’ll try to add them if I find them. By the way, if you think you don’t know Brielle, you probably do – hers must be one of the most repinned faces in existence:



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