Chuichenko Family: Anisia Kuzmina Photography (via and


Using all one’s image-search skills it probably is just possible to find the source of this beautiful, tender portrait using Google: but for some reason Yandex always has better coverage of sites. Yes, they’re both Russian: but why would the algorithms care about the language context? Beats me: there must be a reason – I also often get results from Russian photo library sites like Photodom and Photosight that Google ignores.

Anyway, this is from a set by Moscow-based photographer Anisia Kuzmina: being lazy I’ll give you the whole session featuring the girls in the Chuichenko family from the photographer’s Tumblr archive – and in fact Tumblr seems to be the best place to see her work, as she doesn’t have her own site:

….and if you go through the archive you’ll see she has a real passion for shadows and silhouettes….


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