Lola in “Birdy” by Piotr Motyka for MilK Magazine




These three shots come from an editorial session for MilK Magazine that is meant to evoke Edie Sedgwick and the ’70s Factory/Pop style: but although Piotr Motyka is a great photographer/stylist, they don’t really show that much inspiration. On the other hand, this set for Smudgetikka – with the terrible name of “Mother and Child Fashion for the Holiday Time of Year” –  while quirky (probably caused by having separate styling, “grooming” and art direction), at least feels unified and reflective of a particular mood:







….although it suffers a little from the “Michel Onofrio Effect”: throw odd-ball items in almost at random (the religious iconography: yes “Madonna” often seems to be synonymous with “mother”, but there’s a bit more to it than that…)


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