LiloTati Swimwear via



These might just be promotional shots for a swimwear company, but there’s a visible attempt to invest the product with the personalities of the models: your precious dumpling will also become happy, sociable and irreverent as soon as she puts it on (naturally the one-piece, you are pale-skinned Caucasians, after all…)

The American designer, Lisa Lozano, started in the industry with an adult line: TNA – which was immediately successful, and promptly sold. She then moved from California to New York, using the proceeds to start LiloTati (uniting bits of her name and that of her daughter Tati) as a children’s swimwear line. The promotional campaigns have produced some of the most delightful images in children’s fashion: not because the models are all in swimsuits, but because the girls are well-chosen, well-photographed, and the shots put over the type of emotions you see in the two above: fun, sociability, a degree of elegance even for children – and endless sunny days to enjoy it all in. They aren’t cheap: my costumes only backtrack to, and even there they’re from $45 – $56.

This is the sales blurb:

“LiloTati offers a swimwear line for kids that is both sweet and simple, with silhouettes that are age-appropriate yet contemporary and cool. Simple styles and colors coupled with comfort and flawless fits -these are the hallmarks of the line. LiloTati suits are made with European fabrics and matched with a distinctly Californian style. Sewn, manufactured, and shipped from Los Angeles,CA, USA!” (


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