Poetry….The Kiss Goes on Horseback


I haven’t got a real original source for this clever little gem, but its emotional impact is shown in that it’s been used to illustrate two poetry blogs: one in Greek, and one in Turkish. Are you ready for Google Translate’s attempt at Turkish, let alone Turkish poetry? Yes, I thought you were brave…..:

“The wings, but it bled all gaps
mirror every day and tell another lie
drawn from life behind the thick
After the rain, and the scream
Draw all the blanks

beginning of every love pink
The color black loneliness of separation
(Everyone searches for the pink
but it is not beyond self
nobody loves the solitude in the shade …)

Everybody loves birth
Who is the love of death?
Everybody loves truth
Who is wrong to love?
Everyone quiets shame
Everyone quiets shame …

Everyone knows to go
You learn a time
The kiss goes on horseback
The longing everyone experiences …

Anyone guilty of experience,
It is convicted of love
Everyone is mortal sunrise

everyone dies death
puts out the sky falls
puts out the skin, breath
Leave the jacket”
(Yilmaz Odabasi)

(The original’s here, from the Norotoksik blog.)

The Greek version isn’t a poem (mercifully), but the image serves as a cover illustration to the poetry magazine Sodeia, from 2011. If you read Greek, then the whole issue is available  either as a PDF or online here on Issuu.com.

As a treat, next I’ll reblog a poem in English (being presumably the lingua franca), a beautiful example by Francis Thompson of platonic love for Monica, the eldest daughter of his friend and benefactor Wilfred Meynell.


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