Ava: by Marsha Mason Mifsud (The Savvy Photographer)

There can’t be many girls whose images have become quite so popular in such an unplanned way: yes, Ava’s mother is (was) a professional photographer – but Ava’s role was simply to add a (cute) human touch to the lines of flooring that her mother sold on their photography/wooden frames/wooden flooring online business. See if you recognise a couple of these:


_________boots flooring


….tho’ one I’ll sneak in isn’t by her mother, but a family friend, Jen Wright:

ava by jen wright copy

….when she was little she must have got fed up with people pinching those cute little cheeks…

Ava’s story isn’t as straightforward as these lovely images might make you think, and she’s had health problems since her fifth birthday. It isn’t my place to go into details, but if you click on the link here, then you can read Marsha’s public description of the events, heartbreaking tho’ they are at times. She’s ten now, and the prognosis looked good the last time Marsha posted, about a year ago. In a previous post she explained why she gave up her studio, and how relieved she was that she had, going into some details about one of Ava’s brothers, who also has health issues. I can’t find any more recent updates about the family – there is a Facebook account, but it’s very limited, and also not very up-to-date: if I come across anything I’ll post it here – as I said, the last things I read looked more positive.

Here are some other shots of Ava, posing with her own portrait in a couple:





….and finally one of her as a baby with her mother, and then the most recent shot I’ve seen of her, with her mother again:




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