Jesse at Balboa Island, Newport: by Anna Goddard (


The shot is child-model perfection: Jesse is pretty as a picture and bursting with health, the colours are simple and bright, the outfit is what every girl wears to the beach – a tee and un-fussy skirt. The photographer, Anna Goddard, hasn’t tried anything clever – just a look straight ahead, and an ice-cream to give her hands something to do and fix the session as summer at the beach.

I was going to make this a rant about how Jesse is easily as pretty/photogenic/charismatic as the usual candidate for the World’s Most Beautiful title, Kristina Pimenova – until I spotted some tiny, almost indecipherable printing next to one of the images in the set that refers to “Jesse C,  Division: Girls;  Age: 7-8;  Hair: blonde;  Eyes: Blue/Green”: all for her inclusion in the files of L.A. Models – where one of the most trumpeted recent recruits is, ulp,…..Kristina Pimenova …..  I now have a humble pie browning nicely in the oven… Jesse doesn’t feature in the current roster of their girl models, so either she didn’t make the grade, or lost interest/changed her mind. Referring to the shoot, Anna just says:

“Jesse came down with her whole family from LA to shoot with me in Balboa Island, Newport. It was super foggy on the day of the shoot, but I love that. Not always for everything, but for this shoot it was perfect. I love big bold bright colors in pictures, especially for kids. Jesse’s mom had brought the perfect wardrobe and that together with the great location and of course- most importantly beautiful Jesse- it made for a great shoot!” (

It’s a pity she isn’t working with L. A. Models: apart from KPim she’d have been in the same company as Kaegan Baron, Isabella Kai Rice and Lilly Kruk – now that really is the cream of the West Coast crop….

Here are some more from Jesse’s session:





……unfortunately with some intrusive bits on a couple of them, having been taken from a collage – for some reason the photographer has kept a number of the images from the session in collages, even tho’ they took place in or before 2013, and can’t really function now except as promotional material for her business. Here are the rest:







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