Poetry? We’ve Got Poetry…. (Olivia and Eliana Fanders by Lee Clower in “Spring in the Village” for Velveteen, via Babiekins)









Pace to Christian, whose blog is a steadily growing reservoir of real poetry by girls, for girls, and about girls – but I’m still impressed when what is basically a fashion blog lets one of its copy editors adorn a pretty set by adding some atmospheric lines:

“Wisteria hung low, drifting in and out of shadows.
Lavender wisps flickering through warm breezes,
the village was alive and blossoming.
Cascading shades of green trickled over stonewalls,
under wrought iron gates and into the distant horizon.

The children emerged, slowly at first,
feet tapping along worn cobblestone streets.
Muffled sounds quickly became loud drums
marching through pale city scenes.
Tapping turned to twirls and soon they were emerged in dancing.

Their golden colored hair, dusted in sunlight,
floated above shoulders and tall brick barriers.
Laugher wrapped around in circles, endless,
like a freshly bound bouquet of flowers.

They were young and free,
full of sweet wanderlust and dreams.
Youth encompassed them,
and the world was in their hands.”

(Liz Jacob for Babiekinsmag.com)

…it’s a bit at the level of sixth-formers being given a “theme” to produce something for the school mag, but it has some pleasant images, and in the context deserves A++ for effort at least….

Lee Clower seems to like this wall – I get the impression it’s when he wants something a little rustic in the heart of New York –  and he’s featured it a number of times in various shoots. It’s a pity he hasn’t continued to use the Fanders sisters, however: they’re probably a little young – at least Eliana – as he continuously works with Zuzanna, Hope and Mary.

Luckily I looked at Eliana’s Facebook page, where she posts a couple of outtakes – first the link:

…then a couple of shots:




….and Olivia has a triptych with two other outtakes as well:

….plus a number of other portraits of her by the great Lee (and he really is great: a man in an industry logically dominated by women; not a headshot-purveyor – an artist who is clearly entranced by femininity, and transmits his passion with delicacy and imagination):



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