Your Daughter’s School Seems to Have a Jacuzzi…..


….well, the image comes from a YouTube vid that is entitled:

You can make all the obvious jokes that she’ll certainly be popular with the boys etc.- and the observation that you’d have to be remarkably slim to carry off a costume like that successfully in any location, let alone a school……and it is swimwear, or am I going mad? It’s a one-piece with attached ruffle skirt (more ruffle than skirt), as far as I can see – the actual image is at about 2:50, but just as one in a slideshow – tho’ the comments are mostly on the serious lines of “You don’t become popular by dressing up”, or teen-outraged disgust that the outfits shown/shops and brands described are yucky/old-fashioned – until someone points out that it was posted eight years ago…..

It’s a disaster mainly from the point of view that it promotes the idea that you can buy popularity (in itself a pointless and ambiguous concept at best), but also that you’d need to be seriously rich (well, Mom and Dad….it’s very American) in the first place. At the time of writing the thumbs down were beating the thumbs up by 13,426 to 1,667. The fact that some of the clothes are inappropriate (in a non-sexualised sense) only pops up once early on in the comments when a guy points out that the uploader has included a bikini….

Since it was put together in 2008 it’s become the only online use of the image that Google can find: I’d love to know if there are more in the set (it’s a great, dynamic shot, well-photographed – and looks more fashion-based than anything else)….and what she is really wearing….


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