Elizaveta (Liza) Zarova




Elizaveta is a typical second-rung Russian child model who has the basic elements to be successful, but needs serious money spent on her, or at least contacts with good photographers. These images above show how pretty – even compelling – she can be with the right treatment. Look at the second image with the teddy-bear, then this:


….same session, same photographer, but not an interesting pose or expression, and no time spent tweaking it with various Adobe Actions. The first will be spread over Pinterest boards with added squeaks about how “my future daughter will look like this” – yes, it’s moronic, but let it pass –  the second only on the boards (with five thousand plus pins) lacking quality control that no-one ever has time to go through.

With Valeria Yaroshenko I wasn’t expecting much, and then came across a little gold-mine hidden away on VK.com: but with Liza there are a couple of hundred on VK.com, fewer on Facebook (see image link below) and just the same photos on her rather pedestrian home site, with a few added runway shots.

Here are the cream of the crop:






…she just needs a Gabito Rohh or a Vika Pobeda to use her for some sessions, or be paid to create a really good portfolio…. she’s easily as professional as a lot that have a much higher profile….



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