Pretty Pickings I (via Les Filles au Beurre Salé)







This set is from a wonderful French blog entitled Les Filles au Beurre Salé (with my own translation of the post’s title). It’s an unashamedly poetic, romantic, completely feminine, child-based piece of gorgeous self-indulgence on the part of Christelle Claude. She mentions in an interview that it started when she met Anne-Sophie of the Mises en Scène children’s fashion brand, and began photographing her daughters in the creations (see the Instagram image-link below for an example of the style). The images are a recreation of a past that never existed, but can be seen in equally anachronistic films like “The Go-Between” and Polanski’s “Tess” (without the mud and hats): there are no adults, and no males  (of any age), the sun is always shining, and the fields and lanes full of flowers.

Christelle is a superb photographer for this enterprise: a mistress of light and focus, she gives atmosphere by catching the girls as they move and turn – often from the back – just arms holding an apple or a flower, no “portraits” in the conventional sense (very often the head is completely cut off anyway). Every shot -and there are literally hundreds – is perfectly composed and lit and focused: almost all could be turned into a picture or poster to adorn a wall, the quality control is so good. The region is the South-west of France, in particular the countryside and villages by the Atlantic coast: if they aren’t using them for tourist brochures they must be mad…. Apart from Anne-Marie’s outfits (all featuring dresses or skirts, with the occasional pair of shorts – strictly no pants), I can’t imagine where she gets all the clothes. They seem more anachronistically rustic in the contexts that Christelle gives them, but are any modern girls really going to wear a mob-cap? Or these:


….if there was a version for a toddler, perhaps: it’s basically what the mothers all coo over (me too), but make the daughters roll their eyes….

Here’s another pretty set:






…in a not-too-common playful scene: usually the girls look rather moody and distracted – you can imagine them morphing into David Hamilton-type moopy nymphs when they get to that age….the first two are Christelle, then a DH gallery:



….since DH is really tapping into a similar romantic view of the French countryside (and associated feminine langour) in his ouevre….

Anyway, I put a No.”I” with the post, since I’ll come back with the rest of Christelle’s best work a bit later….

Bienvenue à Anne-Sophie {mises en scène} @misesenscene_paris sur IG. Robe Toscane #misesenscene

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