Polina by Paul Apal’kin (on DeviantArt.com)


Ukrainian photographer Paul Apal’kin‘s models are more young woman than girl, with this one – Polina – being perhaps the youngest. He usually sticks to monochrome/sepia, which suits his resolutely”old school” approach to portrait photography: this one also having been given a “vintage” Actions treatment to produce what’s termed a “dirty negative” result. It’s not that he’s old-fashioned or out of touch – these poses and treatments are careful artistic choices. His use of light and editing techniques exalt the beauty of the models – but even accepting that, he’s found some exceptional girls:








He’s had problems with a digital artist, Thomas Churchwell, who has marginally altered some of Paul’s images, then called them his own work – and even using Paul’s images in video “digital painting” tutorials: according to Paul without permission. For all the details, see the link to his site in the text above.

(By the way, I’ve got a feeling that the image with the blonde girl and the ghostly male figure leaning forward to kiss her could well be Paul and his girlfriend. It’s entitled “Morpheus’ Mortal Beloved”.)


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