Youth: Dimitry Shkurenko (via



The model is clearly adult, but the Russian photographer Dimitry Shkurenko is using her to signify “Youth”: the title of the first image (the second is a number of asterisks). Since this includes pantie-flashing (for some reason a sign of youth and not soft p**n), it’s probably just as well she is adult… The signifiers include frilly white ankle socks, no shoes, very short skirts, Peter Pan collars, and jejune sitting positions which just happen to facilitate the pantie-flashing.

You may well ask why I’m posting them, if I’m being so snidey: for the simple fact that they’re arresting, interesting images. They’re like well-photographed age-play with a more-than-averagely attractive model – the purely photographic quality is high: the use of light masterly, and the posing and composition perfect for the subject – she’s erotic, but as an adult, as in successful age-play. If he thinks he really is representing the essence of youth, then he’s got problems….

[By the way, the photographer has apparently also got the same images in a gallery on, quite possibly with more in the set – but for some reason the site won’t open this evening. I’ll try again another time, adding any I find.] [Well, Photodom seems to be completely blocked, but I at least found another image by Dimitry that has a similar feel to the two I previously posted. It’s called “Modesty”….hmmm….]:



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