Nina Rhode by Julie Anne Martin for Babiekins: Dream Within a Dream Part I






I’m being a bit anti-editorial here, since these are just some images from the session(s) that make up a two-part Babiekins extravaganza called Dream Within a Dream Parts I & II. The photographer, a real find (for me, that is – she’s maybe your favourite artist!), is Julie A(nne) Martin, who uses the handle “Artfully Uncommon Photography”. She’s from Mississippi, and lives in the Pacific Northwest – but says she’s undergoing a big trans-America tour, and hopes to visit Europe – finally settling down in Siena, just up the road (well, motorway) from me. The session is a typical Babiekins stylist’s Big Idea that doesn’t really deliver. There’s a portentous quote from Edgar Allan Poe in the first frame:

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

……followed more or less by the images I’ve posted: with a story, a sense and a pair of cute models – and from there it goes downhill into a Tiffany Beveridge-type fest of slightly bizarre pictures of attractive outfits, the images having little relation to one-another (except trains). Yes, it’s a dream-within-a-dream: but without some logic (even dream-logic) it all becomes rather forgettable. Julie was the co-stylist, so some of the responsibility is hers, but also the photographer of some great colour, atmosphere and actions-tweaking. Yes, I know, it’s only a kids’ fashion editorial, it doesn’t have to be “Citizen Kane”…. The model featured first (and in the Facebook link below) is Julie’s apparent favourite, Nina Rhode (photographed here by her mother Magda), while the other could be her sister Anya:


….Nina looks like a new face to watch out for: except she’s a bit hampered by being located in Portland, Oregon. I’ll finish with two outtakes that I managed to pick up along the way:





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