Pepito by Chus: Colección Ba‎ño 2014







Four different costumes, all made from the same simple dotty material. The last one seems to be the “youngest” in style: the first has a higher cut leg than is usual for girls of this age, but maybe not so unusual for Spanish tastes: the second one is probably the same just with the little ruffle added. And being Spanish and consequently relaxed about swimsuit styles, they also sell the bikini bottom halves on their own. The brand is Pepito by Chus (usually all written as one word), and is the very common story of a talented mother first making clothes for her children:

“I started as an amateur as I always loved to design clothes for my three children: Victoria, Carlos and Fernando. Many people would ask me where I dressed them, so I decided to create my own brand….

……The logo of the firm is very personal touch that I want to share with you. It was designed in memory of my father, whom I adored as a father, as a person and as a great paediatrician who was passionate about children. His name was Pepe, hence the name pepito; and as for the cloud in the initial, I believe there is no need of explanation.” (Chus Escudero on

There’s a lot more to the brand than swimwear: but these make a very pretty collection in their own right – I’d promise to come back in the future with a selection of their other outfits, but I’ve got about half-a-dozen promises already pending at the moment……!!

(One thing that might make me come back to this brand is that, located in Barcelona, they often use one of my favourite models in their promotional campaigns: Barcelona-based Brazilian Julia Mayer. Click on the first Facebook link if you’d like to see more of Julia’s work.)


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