Bath Tub Butts (by Sheye Rosemeyer and Dani Brubaker)



I know this is rather lazy visual-connotation-posting, but I think both photographers would appreciate the other’s image. They are both immensely talented artists that don’t need any long introduction from me. Dani Brubaker (the second image) fills entire Pinterest boards – her images being original and poetic: but still highly commercial with click-bait like Thylane. Her portfolio is best defined by her stated philosophy:

“I grew up by the code of the Native American Indian. The code, which venerates children yet allows them freedom of self-expression.” (Dani Brubaker,

Sheye Rosemeyer‘ link is in fact to a really interesting interview she gave back in 2011, which explains the origin of her name, her artistic development, why she sells actions, and a whole lot more: another lady photographer who devotes a lot of her expertise documenting her own kids – you can see how the first image fits in to an entire familial oeuvre.

Just one image to add, again purely from the content:


……the photographer is Bob Landry, better known for his WWII images, and features starlet Margaret O’Brien cleaning her teeth. Why she wanted the world to see her doing it, heaven knows…..


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