Pathos: Daria Miroshnikova


I’m going to come over all Hannibal Lecter-y again and say how perfect children’s skin is at this age. I know all the science – the pores are so small they’re albeit invisible, the surface is soft and flexible to allow growth, it hasn’t suffered from smoking, pollution, sun damage etc., etc., but I’m still in awe. Also the lines and curves are so soft, the puppy-fat so appealing: my youngest is thirteen, and he’s growing a moustache…..what can I say….

The photographer doesn’t look too far from puppy-fat days herself: Daria Miroshnikova:


….and as far as I can see, she specialises in weddings…big, fat Cypriot weddings: because she lives in Paphos, Cyprus – which is a little confusing since the photo itself is called “Pathos”. You can see she really knows her Greek…


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