To Be a Ballet Dancer by Michael (Mikle) Bogachev on








I’m putting this group of pictures first, as they’re the photographer’s best single cohesive set – tho’ his images of girls are almost always this model in dance costume. His name is Michael Bogachev, while on his account he spells it “Mikle”. The set goes right back to 2004, which is to say that the model is a whopping twelve years older now. He has pretty well the same galleries on, with a couple of extras – calling himself “M.Ю.” –  also going back to 2004. Here’s the next best set:






….a very different photographic style, and a much lighter, more playful atmosphere – in some ways I prefer it. Photographing girls in leotards and breezy tops always seems to be a bit of a soft option: the same poses and treatments of the model in a tee and jeans would probably be attractive, but lack the girlish shapes, silhouettes and emphasis on slender legs that bring out all the compliments (and repins and reposts). The next four don’t seem to form part of any particular set, but help to show that the girl (his daughter?) really is/was a dedicated dancer, and the leotards weren’t just props:





…..and finally all the non-dance images of the model, showing a strong desire on the photographer’s part to experiment. There’s one shot of her looking distinctly older, holding a feather: I found Michael’s Facebook account, not even convinced it was the same guy, until I discovered about a dozen shots of her hidden away in the photostream – ten years on (see the Facebook link below):


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