Mim-Pi (via My Little Jules.com)


…..so you see this adorable outfit, with the layered, ruffled skirt with lace trim and the to-die-for head bandeau by Mim-pi. Little Chanel will have a screaming fit if you don’t buy it for her. You search online, and there it is – still for sale on My Little Jules.com………only it’s not the skirt or the bandeau: it’s just the “Girl’s Grey Halter Top with Crochet Trim”. Related products? Nothing. Chanel’s cheeks start to go red as she builds up lung pressure…quietly shutting the door you sneak off to the kitchen and pour yourself a large G&T. She can have it for her birthday…it only costs $15 in the sale….

Here are some alternatives if she’ll only settle for skirts with cute layers (and no lace) – the problem is that they’re from the “Orphans Only” reject bin…:



….but don’t show this to Chanel, as it’ll just be rubbing salt into the wound (tho’ in fact it makes the top on its own seem a lot more attractive, with the button trim and little heart motif more visible):




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