The Butler Did It!!! (Chose the Sink, That Is….)


I know that if I don’t tell you the difference between a Butler and a Belfast sink you’ll become petulant and refuse to eat your greens at dinner, so here’s the low-down from an expert:

“This type of square kitchen sink should be called a Butler sink, as it was designed to be used by the Butler. Butler sinks made and used in Belfast had a weir overflow built in because fresh water was readily available in Belfast in the late ‘1700s and it didn’t matter if a little was wasted down the overflow.

The Butler sinks designed for use in London did not have overflows. Water was very precious in London at this time and had to be drawn from deep wells, so not having an overflow was a way to prevent water being wasted.

Traditionally these are the differences but nowadays all types of Butler sink will probably have overflows. There is also the less chunky styled french farmhouse sink which can be referred to as a butler sink.” (

These two little minxes have probably been running around what looks like a nice small garden in bare feet. They’ll wash themselves, go back out and do it all over again. This is why we love having children. Because they’re cute even with dirty feet.


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