Alice Iconography

[See below in the comments for an authoritative source – the girl in the shot is British then-schoolgirl Olivia Fields, the original 4chan “camgirl”, apparently originally posted on her now-deleted “Scarecrowmaiden” Livejournal account, the dress being by Japanese gothic/lolita clothing chain Metamorphose Temps de Fille]


…one of my favourite bits of Alice iconography – a least being represented by a child, and not one of DeviantArt’s blowsy, bosomy cosplay adults… I know I have Tenniel’s drawings (interpreted by Disney) as my paradigm – and even Dodgson himself had a different idea of how she should look –  but I eventually get irritated by how a seven-year-old is invariably turned into an adult, with no thought for the fact that the author was trying to present a dream world as a child would interpret it – not a dozy young woman as in, for example, the Tim Burton version.

The fact that there’s no obvious source shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone….


2 thoughts on “Alice Iconography

  1. This is 2004 by Olivia F., aka “cracky-chan”, as scarecrowmaiden on livejournal. Shot on her famous Olympus µ-miniD Stylus V. The dress is from metamorphose temps de filles.


    1. Not what I expected! Tho’ Olivia was probably about 15 when she started posting on 4chan: the dress at least makes perfect sense. I’d always thought her photos were blurry and weird….this one is just seriously cute. Thanks a million Certainly Not…. it’s great to have an origin to an iconic shot like this…..


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