Angelina Kurkina and Vasilisa Pavlyuchenko Channeling Marta Krylova and Lana Andrianova: Alisa Gill and Gabito Rohh (via Fashion


…remind you of anything? Cast your minds back to this post from July:


If you take into account that (according to hair colour) they’ve changed position,  Vasilisa could be Marta, and Angelina could be Lana in mini-versions, particularly similar to the shot where Marta has put a white vest over the leotard:


I wonder what Angelina just said??!! That smile looks awfully like a suppressed smirk, and Vasilisa isn’t impressed…

Given that the photographer of the second image, Gabito Rohh, said in a comment that he’d been thinking of the Avarina rhythmic gymnast twins when he did the session, it’s almost a three-generation Russian gymnast/dancer-channeling event!

The first shot is by Alisa Gill, whose main page I can’t find on FKids – if I find it subsequently, I’ll add it. Saying that, two companion shots don’t reverse-search at all – see if you can spot our two tots in the group:



….Alisa is quite probably the creator of these as well: definitely cuteness overload…..😄


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