Lee Clower for Velveteen’s PrathamUSA Charity Collection

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This is my second beautiful set of portraits by Lee Clower for Velveteen, following on from the one with the Fanders sisters here. As ever, Lee seems to effortlessly produce lovely, sensual sessions that manage to be imaginatively shot, yet enhance and not obscure the outfits being promoted – here dreamy, floaty pastel party dresses. His choice of model is flawless, and he’s collecting around him a recognisable group –  Zuzanna, Mary, Hope etc.:


The props in the set are minimal: a pair of glasses and a pile of books – but they have an underlying purpose, a visual link to the charitable nature of the collection: to help fund PrathamUSA’s educational initiatives in India. Velveteen’s founder, Laura Eckerman Egloff:

“At the heart of Velveteen is the belief that empowerment of children is the first step toward a better future for everyone. We owe it to the world to ensure every child has the opportunity to engage with the world around them – to wander, to explore, to look outward and to shine. Education is the critical first step in unlocking this opportunity for millions of children. We’re thrilled that our first Flash Sale will be in support of the incredible work that Pratham is doing in India.”  (naturalchildworld.com)

I would imagine that Lee gave his time and expertise free: but the session is right up there with his high standards….


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