“Beauty” is Google Image Search’s gallant “Best Guess” for this portrait – it often comes up with gems like “Photograph”, “Child”, or shots-in-the-dark like “Shoulder” (one of its favourites for almost any portrait of a person when it can’t find even a single hit). It then helpfully gives you the Wiki for “Photograph”, or whatever – clearly doubting your sanity.

I’m pretty sure it’s searchable – probably an FKids semi-obscurity – but the usually reliable Russian fast-track of Yandex Search couldn’t find it either. Tineye went through its fifteen thousand billion images, incredibly (sarcasm alert) to no avail….

Anyway, I heartily agree with Google’s estimation: it’s a lovely shot, with great depth to the light, shadow and colour – the way it picks out her face with its resigned expression is well, heavenly….


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