Reverse Adoption Process


Google has a never-ending list of pages carrying this image – or a cropped version – and almost without exception they’re on Chinese-language sites. The title isn’t trying to belittle adoptions, far from it (I have an adopted son myself), but it did strike me as interesting that this image of a Caucasian girl with straggly hair, a rather battered-looking blouse and a troubled expression should be so appealing to Chinese-language site owners/bloggers/visitors. I’ve talked before about the strange ghetto-isation of some images – often because a lot of sites repost galleries/the entire content of other sites, logically from the same language pool: but also because there is some degree of shared cultural appreciation – my best example would be the Russian/Slavic taste for highly romanticised, costumed and made-up children sniffing flowers and hugging kittens, featuring vivid colour combinations that make me blink….


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